At Focus on Media, we have invested a lot of time in ensuring that we have the best tech partners to meet our clients’ needs. These are all managed by our in-house digital team so that we have complete control of where and when your ads appear. You can have confidence that we are looking after your brand as well as meeting your KPIs. Below are a few of our main partners.

Media planning and insights

We use Experian to examine demographic trends for our hyper-local marketing campaign.  We also partner with Experian for analysing our client’s first-party data. All of the information gleaned provides vital insights relevant for the targeting of our media campaigns.

Being an associate member of the HBF means we’re able to access the very latest news within the UK housing market.

For planning hyper-local campaigns that involve regional press titles we use Jicreg for ensuring we’re using the most suitable press title.

Supermetrics allows us to collate together different datasets into our reporting tool, Google Data Studio, to help visualise our data — it can also be used with spreadsheets and marketing data-warehouses such as BigQuery, to help manage our spends or monitor our performance at scale.

Dynamic call tracking offers brands unparalleled visibility of off-site engagement, empowering both the sales and marketing functions with insights that can deliver better outcomes that are accountable and ultimately, a more efficient sales pipeline. Our partnership with Infinity Tracking means we can project manage the set-up and ongoing delivery of dynamic call tracking across your website, saving you time and ensuring the call tracking data influences the direction of our digital media planning and buying activities.

Digital planning and buying

Display & Video 360 is a Demand Side Platform from owned by Google. Like to Search Ads 360, it has access to real-time Google data and algorithms that allow for better conversion rates.

Search Ads 360 is used to improve on the standard Google ads package. It gives us access to real-time data, access to better automation and forecasting tools. All of which leads to better client outcomes.


For our paid social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, we use Facebook Business Manager to plan, buy and report on our media campaigns.

A key tool for the creation and implementation of our SEO campaigns.