The powerful mix of extensive media planning and buying for brands operating in the arena of the home, and our ongoing investment in resource delivers services that are innovative and configured for results.

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In the ever-evolving digital world, paid search has remained constant and gone from strength to strength. With a good strategy, the ability to almost instantly have your company at the top of the search engine results page, whilst the user is searching your products and services, is vital to the marketing funnel.

At Focus on Media, we are an accredited Google Premier Partner and accomplished users of Search Ads 360, providing a bespoke service for each of our clients. With collective experience in a variety of sectors including property, retail, law, B2B, sports automotive, luxury and travel, our results-driven team will be able to help you achieve instant visibility and help to provide the results you are looking for.

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With all of our team fully experienced in planning and buying media placements for the property sector, we have expert knowledge of all property portals and their advertising products. Be it Rightmove, Zoopla, OnTheMarket, New Homes for Sale or Share to Buy, we know our Featured Developers from our AdReach and are confident in weaving the property portals into our campaign strategies and schedules when appropriate and relevant to the wider objectives.

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Since the roll out of GDPR, email marketing has taken a bit of a knock. With GDPR legislation instructing us to have the explicit, recent consent of our leads, suddenly email database sizes – both first and third party – shrunk, and the validity of email marketing looked in doubt.

Since then though, marketeers have adapted well and we have come to realise that quality is better than quantity. We offer a range of GDPR-compliant, third-party email marketing partners, allowing our clients to build their databases via a channel that has long been heralded as agile and low cost.

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The 2010s was the decade of video. The advent of speedy internet, the rise of the smartphone, and social media apps like Facebook and Instagram resulted in a video revolution. With the likes of Facebook and Instagram all seeing massive take-up of their video in-feed ads, it wasn’t long before the big TV networks joined the party. We now have the likes of Sky AdSmart, ITV Hub, and 4oD all offering a digital/TV hybrid solution that’s perfect for national and local advertising campaigns alike.

Here at Focus on Media we have experience in planning and buying VOD campaigns. In fact, why not click here to see a recent VOD campaign we delivered for our client, Catalyst New Homes.

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Programmatic display, despite being a brilliant data-driven form of media, has been described as “murky at best, outright fraudulent at worst” or even “the wilde west of media buying” with agencies not offering transparency of exactly what tools they’re using and how much spend is being used for the media buy.

This is where Focus on Programmatic comes in.

We demonstrate from the get-go the DSPs we partner with, the audiences we buy, the spends the tools actually use and viewability rates we achieve of all programmatic media buys we make. As well as adhering to agency best practices, we also regularly review our audience partners and tech providers to ensure we stay at the forefront of the programmatic display and video space.

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Out-of-home advertising has been evolving over the past decade beyond the traditional paper billboards. The rise of digital screens has allowed for more creative options; with video becoming now available in many areas. It has also led to a drastic improvement in targeting and reporting on OOH placements. By using mobile geodata, we are now able to retarget people who have seen an OOH ad. This allows us to track the number of people who have seen it and allows us to target our messaging and encourage people towards a purchase. By being at the forefront of developments for programmatic OOH, Focus on Media can advise on how to get the most for your money when buying out-of-home advertising.

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We know the impact Paid Social advertising can have on your business.  From creating ads that deliver astonishingly low CPLs to Upper Funnel brand led ads that can transform customer sentiment and behaviour, we know how to harness the power of Paid Social. From Facebook to Instagram, and from Twitter to Tik-Tok, we are the experts in Paid Social advertising.

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A strong SEO foundation is the core of any successful marketing and digital activity. Ensuring we adhere to Google’s best-practice while providing a technically sound and content-rich website is vital for SEO success. We have a wealth of SEO experience across real estate, property, retail, B2B and SaaS verticals and cover all areas of SEO from technical audits to on-page content and backlink analysis.

Our SEO embraces strategy and ever-evolving tactics to ensure we stay up to date with algorithm shifts, technical updates and the latest digital developments with search engines. With a successful SEO campaign, we can help grow your visibility, improve your site structure and help your potential customers easily find you online.

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Traditional Media






Outdoor has evolved over the last decade and with the introduction of ever more digital formats, it’s no longer only for the largest brands and biggest budgets. Outdoor as a media channel proves itself effective, not just as a reach and awareness channel but as an action-driving response channel too.

At Focus on Media, we can take any brand or product and amplify it across the out-of-home media landscape planning and buying proximity OOH advertising to meet both objectives and budgets of any nature. Complement this with any other media channel and campaigns become even more effective!

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The digital age has certainly impacted the traditional media advertising landscape and no channel has felt the impact more than radio advertising. With the introduction of DAX (Digital Audio Exchange) as a programmatic-buying platform, we are no longer subject to standard radio spot times (although we can do that too!).

Radio now has the unprecedented reach of over 27 million UK on-demand listeners that tune in to various airtime shows, podcasts and streams daily. Combine this with clever buying models such as radio trading desks where stations bid for your budget, and radio is a win-win for any media plan both regionally and nationally.

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TV remains the biggest reach and awareness channel there is. If you are looking to grow your brand, it is the go-to channel offering unbeatable reach and scale across national audiences. TV advertising no longer means big budgets are required, and with the likes of programmatic TV planning, it is becoming more and more achievable to get on TV for many brands.

At Focus on Media, we offer TV planning and buying services across standard spot airtime, regional packages and sponsorship opportunities with all major TV partners from ITV to Sky and beyond. So, if you have the aspiration to see your brand on TV we can make it happen!

Print is dead! This has been the refrain for the last 20 years. However, the truth is much more nuanced than that. While most national and local newspapers have seen steady declines in circulations over the last decade, there have been some that buck the trend. Many local papers remain well read and popular with the Metro increasing its circulation to 1.3 million in early 2020. Alongside this many magazines continue to have a strong readership as people search for more longer form content which is lacking on social media. At Focus on Media we use our expertise to guide clients to only use print media that will give them a good ROI.

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