Sage Housing Summer Campaign

We were briefed by Sage Housing to promote their national developments consisting of 136 plots across 38 sites.

Services:   Paid Social, Paid Search, Programmatic Display

How we helped

We were briefed by Sage Housing on their summer 2020 campaign to promote their national developments consisting of 136 plots across 38 sites. The aim of the activity was to reach our target customers and promote their local development along with a range of incentives that would help them with the reservation fee, legal fees, a monetary gift and rent holiday. This provided consumers with peace of mind during uncertain times and also showed the commitment Sage Housing has to their customers to help make their next move happen.

We were in the middle of a pandemic and so we had to formulate a media strategy that would reach people while restrictions were in place in the UK.

  1. We needed to build on the success of previous tactical campaign activity by driving quality leads across all activity.
  2. Promote local developments to consumers within the area to register for sales contact or an appointment to view.

Our Covid-19 response and planning ensured that we were able to drive leads for Sage Housing during unprecedented times within the UK housing market.

We adopted a test, learn and refine approach to our media activity, ensuring that we were able to assess performance and shift budgets to and from digital channels, allowing us to focus on performance and lead volumes.

As activity coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, we concentrated our media channels to digital-only across paid social, search and display activity.

With daily optimisations from the Focus on Media digital media team, we adjusted budgets and switched off development activity as and when they became fully reserved during the course of the campaign.

Working closely with our sister creative agency Focus IMC allowed us to adapt creative quickly to test different messaging and see what resonated best with consumers to drive lead volumes and lower cost per lead results.



Leads Generated

We saw 452 leads generated overall from search activity (2.44% conversion rate).



Display as a platform traditionally performs best as an upper-funnel awareness channel. This proved true with this campaign as we generated over 30,000 clicks on our ads from 11,667,788 impressions served.



The continued success of social PPC in driving lead volumes meant that we were able to shift more budget across to this channel from the others.



Overall, we are very pleased with the results, the campaign ran for 8 weeks and in that time 69 reservations were made and 5 sites fully reserved.

What the client had to say...

“I have loved working with the team at Focus, especially throughout 2020 with the increased volume of projects we have done together. I find the team to be very creative and energetic. They easily adapt to changes which are all key attributes needed with the quick changes businesses go through, especially in housing. I would definitely recommend Focus to others and can’t wait to work with them more in the future.”

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What was achieved

  • In the first 6-months of us working with Gleeson, the area composite ads generated 3,505 leads (that represents about 35% of all leads)
  • Our audit of the GTM and GA resulted in us fixing a broken tracking pixel on the Enquire Now button.  Data within GA showed that this had been faulty for at least six months
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