Case Studies

Explore our recent projects and see how we used our expertise in all things home to help our clients captivate their customers at the right time, with the right message.

Leaside Lock

A customer informed integrated media strategy.

What was achieved

  • Over 5,800,000 ad impressions generated from the integrated media schedule of activities in the six weeks leading up to launch
  • Over 350 brand new leads generated, with 143 leads generated from email campaigns to property portal databases
  • Digital media that delivered against the primary objectives of generating response with efficiency. E.g., the Paid Search CPL that was 33% lower than our target CPL figure
  • Sales achieved on the launch weekend exceeded our client’s expectations
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Working with Backhouse Housing, a boutique private developer brand to market a small development of high-end homes at the coming soon stage of the development lifecycle.

What was achieved

  • Digital-first launch
  • 29 leads in 2 weeks
  • CPL 90% lower than benchmark
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Launching Clarion Housing’s Merrielands development

Focus on Media were briefed on coming up with a media recommendation and strategy for Merrielands – a 4-acre brownfield site (formerly part of the Ford Dagenham plant), transformed into a new community of homes that will form an important part of the overall regeneration of the area.

What was achieved

  • 1,280 leads generated
  • Below industry average CPL
  • 22 reservations
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A tiered cost allocation approach for Tilia Homes

Our paid search strategy for property developer Tilia Homes is to generate as many customer enquiries as possible at the most efficient cost. The challenge we had was that highly-demanded developments would mask performance and drive budget costs and enquiries, taking the opportunity from low performing areas to gain search visibility.

What was achieved

  • Tailored our keyword bidding approach based on search demand and available enquiry data on a development by development basis.
  • 94% increase in leads: The number of leads increased as the more traffic filtered through allowing the low CPA developments to squeeze more out within the budget.
  • 35% decrease in client CPL: Budgets remained the same, so naturally with an increase in leads, it meant a better CPL.
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Sage Housing Summer Campaign

We were briefed by Sage Housing to promote their national developments consisting of 136 plots across 38 sites.

What was achieved

  • We saw 452 leads generated overall from search activity.
  • We generated over 30,000 clicks on our ads from 11,667,788 impressions served!
  • The campaign ran for 8 weeks and in that time 69 reservations were made and 5 sites fully reserved.
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The Printworks – Catalyst New Homes

We were tasked by Catalyst New Homes to adapt to the ever-changing situation around COVID-19 and capitalise on the successful pre-launch media strategy that we had implemented in the months prior for The Printworks.

What was achieved

  • 54 appointment bookings made within the first 6-minutes of the first promotional emailer being sent to the database
  • By the time the Virtual Preview Event went live, we had over 140 appointments in-hand
  • Off the back of the event 10 reservations were generated
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Gleeson Homes

Our partnership with Gleeson Homes commenced in June 2020 and after our initial scoping exercise, our first priority was to drive down the average cost per leads (CPLs) from the core digital media efforts.

What was achieved

  • In the first 6-months of us working with Gleeson, the area composite ads generated 3,505 leads (that represents about 35% of all leads)
  • Our audit of the GTM and GA resulted in us fixing a broken tracking pixel on the Enquire Now button.  Data within GA showed that this had been faulty for at least six months
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