Why Sky AdSmart and VOD provide unrivalled opportunities for property brands

By Laura Parker / Marketing , Media Buying , Media Planning , Video / 03rd March 2021

We recently spoke to Focus IMC about the work that went into the recent collaborative Sky AdSmart campaign for Catalyst New Homes.

Get the full insight into Account Director Chris’ full interview below.

How do Sky AdSmart and video on demand more generally provide opportunities for property brands?

"there is minimal wastage to their activity"

Platforms such as Sky AdSmart offer property brands like Catalyst New Homes the opportunity to not only have the fame associated with being on TV but ensure there is minimal wastage to their activity as a result of defined demographic and postcode targeted activity. This household consumption data allows us to be highly targeted with our campaign activity.

Video on demand, or Over The Top Media Services, as it can be called, also offer data-driven solutions for brands that really want to increase the reach of their video campaigns to specific audiences.

What are the advantages of providing different versions of the advert and using targeting to tailor them to a demographic?

This really depends on the objective of the activity. If the objective is to drive as much reach and frequency as possible nationally, it might not make sense to have individual creative executions. But for a property brand where there’s always going to be an element of response factored into the activity to drive sales, it offers very advantageous opportunities to provide different advert versions in order to match audiences and demographics wherever they might be.

For example, there’s a distinct difference in city-based audiences in comparison to county-based audiences, therefore, making ad creative that is as relevant to the consumer as possible is really key to driving a response.

What are the trends in property advertising on video on demand, including Sky AdSmart that you have noticed?

Since being the first to really test Sky AdSmart in the property industry, with Catalyst New Homes, we’ve seen they’ve been a trend-setter, with more and more property brands looking to be on TV or use video on demand advertising. The key is reaching those targeted audiences with high-frequency campaigns.

"The key is reaching those targeted audiences with high-frequency campaigns"

An ‘always-on’ approach to brand activity, alongside more direct response tactical advertising, is something that other industries have done for a long time and it now seems that the property industry is starting to follow suit. However, in order to grow your market share, you need to have a mix of both rather than just focusing on the last click and instant sale.

"focusing purely on short-term results can really damage the long-term success of a brand"

A good reference to this, and a recommended read, is ‘The Long and Short of It’ by Les Binet and Peter Field, where they discuss the balancing of short- and long-term marketing strategies and the growing tensions that exist between short-term response activity and long-term brand building. In essence, not to spoil the research, focusing purely on short-term results can really damage the long-term success of a brand.

With any brand activity, there’s an opportunity to be more creative and not too specific with your messaging with the aim of reaching people and driving frequency. The aim is to embed into consumers’ long-term memory, therefore you don’t want to force a sales message straight away, but rather drive an emotive response; ideally, getting them to talk positively about your brand. Then when they’ve invested in your brand, you can start promoting offers and deals to drive sales.

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