Lockdown Lift-Off as Gleeson Homes & Kier Living come onboard Focus on Media

By Dan Jones / Company Update / 13th October 2020

One of the more memorable and comical memes that circulated social media during Lockdown was the one that claimed we’d all come out of lockdown as either ‘a monk, a drunk, a hunk, or a chunk.’ It’s hilarious because it’s 100% true. Here at Focus on Media, we spent our hibernation time well. From trying the latest YouTube home-fitness trends (angling for the ‘Hunk’ category), picking up old hobbies (baking veering us back towards the ‘Chunk’ stable), and also racing through Netflix boxsets at breakneck speed – we covered it all! But in amongst all of that, we were also busy looking after our clients – existing and new alike. And a key achievement for us during lockdown was onboarding not one, but two new property brands!

"a key achievement for us during lockdown was onboarding not one, but two new property brands!"

We pitched for both Gleeson Homes and Kier Living prior to Lockdown, and we couldn’t have been prouder of our achievement. With our client list already including some great property brands including Catalyst New Homes, Folio London, Home Group, and Sage Housing, we knew we had what it takes to manage larger property brands, and both Gleeson and Kier Living’s decision to appoint us meant it was full-steam ahead at Focus on Media!

All that said, with no precedent of any Lockdown ever taking place in modern-day Britain, the idea of onboarding two new clients was daunting – to say the least! Questions included: Would Lockdown disrupt the onboarding process? How could we mitigate that? Would remote working pose a risk? Could we sincerely confirm deadlines where other stakeholders might be on Furlough?

However, it soon became clear that by exercising the same organisation and approach as we have with all of our other clients and the magic of Microsoft Teams, we were able to navigate the onboarding of both brands with relative ease and confidence.

"The potential obstacles were clear."

The keys to our success were namely communication and more communication. By liaising with our clients, and as a team, on a daily basis, we were able to react quickly to events as they changed and also agree on a roadmap that allowed us to ramp up activities, once Lockdown was lifted.

As for the results? Well, within our first 4-weeks of working with Gleeson, we were able to deliver immediate value by engineering the Paid Search CPL down by some 40%.

Over at Kier Living, feedback from the client was that a noticeable increase in leads from Facebook was evident within the first 4-weeks of us going live with our activities.

This feedback is exactly what we wanted to hear, but we aren’t resting on our laurels! Now Lockdown restrictions are slowing changing and the team has shifted back to office working, we’re now engaging with both clients, ensuring we’re pushing onto the next stage of onboarding. From implementing Call Tracking technology to better improve visibility of offline engagement, to
undertaking CRO and UX audits of brand websites, we’re fixed on ensuring that we maximise the value of every penny spent on our media activities.


While we all know uncertain times lay ahead, we’re confident we have the resource, processes and ideas to help ensure our clients are able to plan ahead but also react to the here and now, and with that in mind, we know it’s now lift-off at Focus on Media!

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Dan Jones

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Dan Jones

Dan Jones is the Managing Director for Focus on Media. Specialising in all things home, Dan has a wealth of marketing experience - with 13 years under his belt, much of which spent heading up the media planning account for a FTSE 250 property developer brand. Dan’s passion for creating and implementing creative media strategies is trumped only by his passion for dogs, terrible dance music and the odd TV box set or three!