Is three really a crowd? Not at the Focus group.

By Laura Parker / Focus , Marketing / 30th August 2019

Consistency is key, and this is imperative when it comes to the customer journey.

The combination of the three companies means a joined-up approach that follows the same customer journey through a development lifecycle, and in turn means a coherent, multifaceted marketing strategy.

Joining up the dots

Focus have been creating remarkable branding and marketing strategies for over 20 years; however, it was more recently that James Mercer noticed a disparity in the way the property industry marketed itself.


"add consistency and value with our knowledge of the customer journey"

“Focus Experiential was born out of our frustration for the lack of consistency in the new homes sector. We did all of the branding work for a major development on the Olympic Park, and then we got to the marketing suite and everything looked completely different. This was a major opportunity for us to add consistency and value with our knowledge of the customer journey.” – James Mercer

The retail design and build arm of the Focus group has been well established for over 5 years, and now with the addition of Focus on Media, the Focus group are able to service all the marketing needs of brands and businesses.

Focus, Focus Experiential, and Focus on Media could all reign successful in their own right, but it’s the joined-up approach that the Focus group offers as a collective which gives us the edge.

From start to finish

It all starts with Focus on Media building customer personas for our clients. It’s here that we get a true understanding of what the customer will respond to and how to target them most effectively.

Once we know the target market, Focus on Media can build a media schedule that is designed to leverage maximum response from the target audience, as well as offering synergy with the creative.

“Quite often what happens is we’ll do a piece of creative or design work and then the media schedule will come through, and we’ll think ‘OK, we didn’t really design for that target audience’.” -James Mercer


The joined-up approach with Focus on Media avoids this mismatch. Having the creative agency, media buyer and marketing suite company all on the same page from the offset means a coherent campaign, no wasted budget, and an easier process for our clients.

"it’s about having a joined-up approach at the very outset"

With Focus on Media’s insight to fuel them, the studio at Focus create a targeted brand designed with the persona in mind and develop all the marketing assets deemed appropriate for the designated persona. With over 20 years of property marketing experience behind us, we have the expertise to know exactly what a marketing campaign needs. Our in-house experts consult with the design team to create the optimum social media, website, email and print collateral.

Marketing collateral for Catalyst's NEON development, powered by personas

Focus Experiential take the reins next as their creative hub of interior designers apply and evolve Focus’ branding into a fully functioning retail space, designed around the customer journey. Having the creative minds who built the brand only across the road, Focus Experiential are able to get under the skin of what the brand is about and then apply that seamlessly into the marketing suite. This ensures a clear and consistent journey for our clients’ customers.

By this point in the marketing timeline, the personas are well established, so Focus Experiential know exactly who they’re designing for.

The marketing suite for NEON, Cataylst designed with persona intelligence

“It’s about having a joined-up approach at the very outset with the media buyer, with the creative agency, with the marketing suite company, and being able to say ‘Who are these people? Where do they hang out?’. This insight means we can create a marketing suite that customers want, not what marketing teams prefer.

“If our persona profile is 25-30 and hanging out on Instagram, they want technology, they want a coffee bar when they walk in, they don’t want to sit there talking to a suit. On the other hand, if it’s a four-bedroom house in Chelmsford, St. Albans, Truro or York, we need to be a little bit more formal, but they have young children in tow who the marketing suite needs to cater to as well; iPads preloaded with all the best games on has it covered.

“We get this right at the outset, so all of our companies that get commissioned are all singing from the same hymn sheet. That’s what we can bring.” – James Mercer

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