Home is where the heart is: tapping into emotive messaging to drive results

By Dan Jones / Marketing / 22nd February 2021

The phrase ‘home is where the heart is’ dates back all the way to Pliny the Elder, so it’s not exactly new. But it appears that during lockdown it’s a notion that many advertisers have taken on board.

Recent ads from IKEA, Dunelm and Focus IMC’s work with Catalyst New Homes in the property space tap into the emotions around making a house a home, bringing to life the growing importance of the home to all of us.


"58% of Brits feel more pride in their home and its contents than they did pre-lockdown"

According to research from Yale and Onepoll, 58% of Brits feel more pride in their home and its contents than they did pre-lockdown. In fact, in happy news for advertisers in the world of home and garden ware, UK adults have spent an average of £592 on purchases like new furniture, home security and building work, as increased time in the home inspires consumers to renovate or upgrade.

There is a real opportunity here for property, homeware or gardens brands to take advantage of this trend and the estimated £100bn in savings that Brits have racked up over lockdown, according to the Bank of England.

Through tapping into messaging around ‘making a house a home’, and importantly communicating this messaging effectively in their media strategy, brands can position themselves at the forefront of these ongoing home decor efforts. This emotive approach lends itself well to brand building formats such as Sky AdSmart, or Facebook and Instagram video and display ads. As well as building brand fame, these channels are highly targeted cost-effective, and are more measurable than terrestrial TV advertising alone, thereby reducing wastage.

Creating an integrated media strategy that combines brand-building channels with performance media which echoes the emotive positioning of the hero campaign asset can yield great results. Indeed, for our most recent Video on Demand campaign for Catalyst New Homes, we were successful in delivering a 21% YOY increase in footfall to their developments.

Channels such as search advertising, shopping formats on Google, as well as dynamic product ads on social, can be used effectively to support a brand-building campaign through frequency and ultimately generating a response.


Talk to us today about tapping into this messaging, reaching your captive audience and driving results.

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Dan Jones

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Dan Jones

Dan Jones is the Managing Director for Focus on Media. Specialising in all things home, Dan has a wealth of marketing experience - with 13 years under his belt, much of which spent heading up the media planning account for a FTSE 250 property developer brand. Dan’s passion for creating and implementing creative media strategies is trumped only by his passion for dogs, terrible dance music and the odd TV box set or three!