Best Creative Agency winners – how we got here

By Laura Parker / Company Update , Focus / 12th September 2019

The Focus group came together to redefine property marketing and in our first year of collaboration we’ve been awarded one of the highest honours in the industry.

Named ‘Best Creative Agency’ at the National Housing Awards, Focus have excelled this year and have been awarded this prestigious title.

Curious to know how we got here? We’re going to take a look back at our entry and the incredible work that led to it.

The power of three

Arguably the most powerful force in our arsenal; the three arms of the Focus group. Focus, Focus Experiential, and Focus on Media have come together and redefined the expectations of integrated marketing agencies. Our ability to work together as a collective has created a joined-up approach that not only makes life easier for our clients, it also means perfect synergy across media, creative, and marketing suites.

This is something the judges picked up on, remarking on how we have “engaged well across all media, from print to social along with e-shots – all avenues are well explored”.

Consistency is key when it comes to the customer journey, and we have got it covered.  Focus, Focus Experiential, and Focus on Media could all reign successful in their own right, but it’s the joined-up approach that the Focus group offers as a collective which gives us the edge.

Want to learn more about how we work as a trio? Take a look at our blog post here.

Powered by personas

Keeping the longevity of the work in mind, as an agency, we pride ourselves on being able to produce work that not only improves the customer journey, but sticks with them after that journey has ended. From carefully conducted research at every stage, to beautifully-designed interior spaces and an array of collateral that ties the whole project together, the work that we produce is all centred on the customer experience and helping our clients form meaningful connections with each person that walks through the door.

It’s this in-depth research that has led to the tailor-made campaigns and creative that the judges were so fond of. The judges were impressed by our ability to give “solid examples across three developments, all with gratifyingly different approaches” each strategy distinct from one another, the judges loved our “thoughtful campaigns that highlighted the unique nature of each scheme”.

Our curated, bespoke campaigns all begin with Focus on Media, who create comprehensive persona profiles detailing exactly who we need to be targeting; where they live, what their aspirations are, what brand identities they respond to, and how they consume their media. It’s this insight that inspires our creative and strategy.

Interested in the persona process? Our blog post with James Mercer goes into much more detail here.

Barking Riverside, Rochester Riverside & The Gallery

The three developments we chose to enter to showcase our 2018 work were L&Q’s Barking Riverside, Countryside PropertiesRochester Riverside, and Peabody’s The Gallery. These three projects showcased our ability to produce vibrant, engaging and successful campaigns for a variety of audiences.

The judges were enamoured by our work. When referring to The Gallery, they stated how they “loved the art project in Camberwell and the commitment to create a marketing suite that could have another use after it was finished”.

It was the attention to detail that impressed at Rochester Riverside, notably “the little touches like a kid’s area, which is a good response to careful understanding of the target market”.

With statistics like “Barking Riverside has already become the number one development for lead generation in L&Q’s history” it’s no wonder that the judges thought this was “an impressive entry… and a very clear winner”.

Take a look for yourself at our video showcase of the award win.

The honour of being named Best Creative Agency is a testament to the team of 70+ like-minded individuals all working together to create award-winning creative campaigns.

Naturally, we couldn’t create such amazing work without our incredible clients continuing to put their faith in our processes, and with 2019 already being another incredible year, we can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon!


If you’d like to take a closer look at our recent work, or perhaps you’d like to pick our brains for a creative strategy of your own – get in touch!

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